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Category — NIMBYISM (wind)

Proud NIMBYISM Against Windpower

“If protecting my individual property rights and values makes me a NIMBY, then I wear the label proudly.”

I am a confessed NIMBY with strong feelings about government-enabled environmental degradation. I am not anti-windpower per se; I am, however, anti-bad ideas and anti-wasteful government spending of taxpayer money.

I am a NIMBY, but so is just about everyone. There are 314 million people in the U.S., virtually all of whom care about protecting their private property against intrusion, particularly unnecessary, wasteful, government-enabled intrusion. Critics are in denial of their own behavior when they criticize NIMBYs in the face of what some of us have faced with a proposed windpower development in our backyard.

“Quiet Enjoyment”

‘Quiet enjoyment’ is the legal right of a property owner to enjoy his/her property in peace without interference. Specific legal ‘nuisances’ that interfere with the physical condition of the property (e.g., vibration, noise, pollution, raising or lowering the water table and/or affecting underground water supply), or interfere with the comfort, convenience, health, or mental tranquility of the occupant (e.g., blocked access, foul odor, excessive smoke / dust / shadow / light / sound / temperature) are torts – civil wrongs redressed by monetary damages or injunction.

But the wind developers retort: “NIMBY = Selfish” (‘I don’t want them near me, I don’t like the look of them’). After all, Wind Energy = Virtuous = Clean, green, and free. [Read more →]

October 11, 2012   9 Comments