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National Wind Watch: Organizing the Grassroots Against Industrial Wind (Will D.C. environmentalists get back to their roots?)

There is lots going on outside of Washington, D.C. when it comes to the environment, and perhaps no issue is bigger than the grassroot revolt against industrial wind parks. Such is not a ploy or plot by Big Oil or Big Coal or big anything. It is a natural reaction by those under a lifestyle assault by a mega-instrusive energy source that is about government dependence, political capitalism, and false environmental dogma–not the common good and environmental progress.

Future historians will no doubt wonder how Big Environmentalism got so far off track to support industrial windpower. A machine in every pristine–is this what environmental elitism at its worst?

“Let’s take back our environment from Big Environmentalism” could be the rallying cry of this new environmental movement. Are such groups as the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and (you fill in the blank)  listening?

National Wind Watch

The co-founder and head of National Wind Watch (NWW) is Eric Rosenbloom, who was one of several dozen activists from ten states attending a conference in 2005 from which National Wind Watch was formed. A Vermont resident, Rosenbloom has been NWW’s president since 2006.

New Media Deflates ‘Wind Farm’ Image

Here is a sampling of what the anti-wind grassroots is producing. This list is then followed by a description of National Wind Watch.


Videos from National Wind Watch
This video is available here via You Tube. It was made by Larry Wunsch of Byron, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, and converted by Rock County Tax-Payers for a Better Renewable Energy Plan.

Wind Turbine Noise and Shadow Flicker (Fond du Lac County, Wis.; 8 min.)

More videos are available in the Resource Library: [Read more →]

April 1, 2011   2 Comments