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Governors Demand Wind PTC to Cover State Costs

“The Governors know that the federal PTC disproportionately benefits States with renewable mandates by distributing the high cost of their policies to taxpayers at large. They also understand that eliminating the PTC will impose the full burden of costly renewable mandates squarely on the States who enacted them. If California, New York, and Minnesota mandate large wind development, it’s appropriate they bear the full cost of their energy choices.”

The United States is in the midst of a fiscal crisis. If Congress and the White House are unable to reach agreement on spending by January 1, crushing tax increases and draconian budget cuts will go into effect sending the country’s already weakened economy into another destructive recession.

Against this backdrop, the 23-member Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition put aside their own states’ $2+ trillion deficits[1] to deliver a message to Congress — extend the wind production tax credit (PTC).

The staged media event on Capitol Hill was a modern-day equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

The Letter

In their letter, the governors acknowledge the wind industry is not yet competitive with other fuel sources but insist it will be “in the not-so-distant future.” [Read more →]

November 16, 2012   4 Comments