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Minerals Boom in Saskatchewan (Expansion, not depletion, from new capital and the ‘ultimate resource’)

“Human beings create more than they destroy.”

- Julian Simon, The Ultimate Resource 2 (Princeton, N.Y.: Princeton University Press, 1996), p. 580.

When the tide comes in, all boats rise.

Saskatchewan’s mining industry has begun a period of unprecedented growth that promises to last for decades.  And while Prince Albert is not at the mouth of the bay, we are in the bay, and our boats are rising as well.  Prince Albert is seeing record building permits issued, but few local items to exactly explain why.

With a current tax incentive and confidence in the future, PotashCorp began a series of expansions seeing $5.8 billion being poured into Saskatchewan.  It is the “mother of all economic stimulus packages,” seeing spending, on a per capita basis, double the American and triple the Canadian governments’ stimulus packages.  Better yet, this investment is new money into our province, money generated from other countries, so we did not see the debt burden that others’ have. [Read more →]

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Letter to Premier of New Brunswick on behalf of North American Platform Against Wind Power (Wind opponents, argumentation in action)

“Wind turbines are manufactured out of oil and gas, transported using oil and gas, are extremely intensive on landscapes (the cement plugs are mammoth and often require cement factories to be built nearby in order to accommodate chains of turbines in construction), are well known to cause harm to human health when sited too near (some expert physicians suggest 10 mile setbacks), and the international bird and bat kills annually are respectively estimated at eight million and sixteen million.”

Dear Honourable Premier Alward, and Honourable Minister of Energy, Mr. Leonard

Congratulations on the release of the New Brunswick Energy Blueprint.

There are many encouraging features to this thoughtful document, and it is easy to see that a generally balanced, sensible and sensitive approach has been achieved, after consulting many experts.

I would like to comment on the “renewables” section, Section Eight [pp. 20–21], which addresses, as part of your energy platform, a commitment to wind power. It is encouraging to see that wind power for your beautiful province is not celebrated as a “cornerstone technology.” It is encouraging that your report cautions about the wind’s variability, the high cost of this power, and the omnipresent need for backup.

Wind Energy (Section Nine) [p. 22] states: [

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Ontario’s Wind Moratorium: Public Discontent Sends a Global Message to Government-Dependent Energy (and energy sprawl)

“Truth is tough.  It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch, nay, you may kick it all about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening.”

~Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Professor at the Breakfast Table

 Something big just happened in Ontario–something the Wind Lobby fears. Recently, Minister of the Environment John Wilkinson held fast to what had been a “for now” moratorium policy where tough talk about environment-before-wind was followed by turbine contracts and business-as-usual wind development.

It is about time for a change. Rural Ontarians are mad about wind development, as are Lakeside communities, fishermen, and boaters.

Indeed, Ontario is about as fed up as a province can be with a laundry list of discontent ranging from 1) increased hydro bills and announced electricity rate hikes of 40% in the next years; 2) a tax-grab ‘Harmonized Sales Tax’ and 3) a Green Energy Act, which took away Municipal rights to project planning and superseded other environmental legislation.

The new offshore turbine moratorium will more than likely be the legacy for the New Government, soon to be elected in October 2011. Candidates are choosing their position on the wind issue, and it will be a battle royal for the economic and spiritual health of the province. Liberals, who have succumbed to wind interests in the past, are declining in popularity and have a slim chance of taking the seat of power this time around.

So, low and behold, Big Wind is on the run.

Fresh-Water Wind Turbines: ‘Green’ Gets Gross

Offshore turbines in fresh water lakes are not really being done anywhere, save recently a small pilot project in Sweden. The potential for damage is obvious: tamper with drinking water quality and the obvious redistribution of toxins that lay slightly submerged from fifty years of settling. Migratory routes, the economic health of fishing, sailing, and tourism would all be compromised beyond repair. [Read more →]

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