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Category — Congressional Energy Policy (112th)

Rep. Upton of Commerce and Energy: Is This the Real Deal?

Some very rational words on energy policy–long needed–have come from Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. But will Congress act on them?

It will take a lot of heretofore undemonstrated courage for members of Congress to take the actions needed to:

1.  Convince the Washington Establishment* to recognize that central planning really hasn’t and doesn’t work.

2.  Get private sector companies to devote their financial and human resources to innovative and productive efforts rather than (like GE, Duke, Exelon, many Wall St firms, and many others) focusing those resources on “milking” federal and state tax breaks and subsidies.

3.  Break the hammerlock that Federal agencies officials and employees, their favorite constituencies (who benefit from our tax dollars), Congressional committees and staff, and lobbyists have on appropriations, credit programs, and tax policies.

4.  Give members of Congress and their staff the wisdom to discern the difference between facts vs. propaganda provided by lobbyists and federal agency staff — and then the courage to act in the national and public interest, rather than in their personal interests and those of the lobbyists that befriend them and contribute to their reelection. [Read more →]

January 27, 2011   5 Comments