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Bill White: “In These Challenging Times, Enron Deserves Our Thanks”

“Enron also welcomed the challenge of responsible environmental stewardship, and called on industry to address the issue of global warming even as some companies feared the impact of pollution control on their bottom lines.”

- Bill White, “In These Challenging Times, Enron Deserves Our Thanks,” Houston Chronicle, October 26, 2001.

Former Houston mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Bill White is running away from his far Left energy/environmental past–one that he developed as deputy secretary of the Department of Energy in the Clinton/Gore Administration from 1993 until 1995. And when times were good and Obama cool,  Houston’s mayor flaunted his climate alarmism. But no more…

White now pretends to be a fiscal conservative and no longer supports cap-and-taxtrade. But isn’t this the same fellow that as Houston mayor created new staff positions and supported high-cost energy to promote his Climate Alarmism agenda? White, indeed, championed wildly uneconomic solar projects for Houston and has promoted industrial windpower at every turn. White tells as much in a toned-down interview with Mother Jones.

White proudly fronted the James Hansen event at the Progressive Forum, even introducing the controversial NASA climate scientist who has called for show trials for oil company executives and compared coal trains to Holocaust death trains.

Mayor White also introduced Tim Flannery at the Progressive Forum, another wild-eyed climate alarmist who states: “If humans pursue a business-as-usual course for the first half of this century, I believe the collapse of civilization due to climate change becomes inevitable.”

With such dire prognostications, why not let government grow and the cost of energy and energy appliances rise in the name of ‘stabilizing climate’ and ‘saving mankind’?

This begs the question: What would Governor Bill White do through the back door to promote the Obama/Gore climate agenda? Texans beware!

Rick Perry Has Energy Issues Too

I am no particular fan of Texas Governor Rick Perry and have critically blogged on him at MasterResource. I remember standing just a few feet from him at a fundraiser some years ago where he criticized George W. Bush for losing his way in Washington towards big government–only to then launch into how great Texas was because of its windpower boom. [Read more →]

October 12, 2010   2 Comments