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“Houston Chronicle” Editorial: A Global-Warming Scare Story

By Chip Knappenberger -- January 27, 2009

Wow. Could the Houston Chronicle have fit more distortions about climate change into a 420-word editorial than it managed to do in its January 25th piece, “The heat is on: New data debunk claims that global warming is hype”? It’s hard to figure out how.

The Houston Chronicle article proclaims that “two studies unveiled in the past week provide powerful refutations” to claims that “climate change is either exaggerated or non-existent.”

First off, I can think of basically no one who thinks climate change is non-existent—there is ample evidence that climate at local, regional, and global scales is has been changing and will change into the future—in part from human activities. On the other hand, I’ll gladly list myself among those who think that the impacts of coming climate change are largely being exaggerated.

The Houston Chronicle and the two articles it makes reference to, do little to change my mind—not should they change anyone else’s.

The first article was a pronouncement from “NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, headed by Dr. James Hansen” that global temperatures in 2008 ranked among the top10 highest temperatures on record (beginning in 1880). The Chronicle didn’t mention that each of the past 7 years were warmer, globally, than last year, or that the rise in global temperature has slowed considerably over the past 12 years or so, compared with the period prior. Hardly signs of a catastrophe brewing.

The second article highlighted in the editorial concerned a recent finding on temperatures across Antarctica. The editorial trumpeted that temperatures across the frozen continent were found to be rising during the past 50 years (something that had not been in doubt), but didn’t mention that, during the past 20 or 30 years, the icy temperatures had changed little. Again, little evidence that something terrible is afoot. In fact, climate models project that, as Antarctica warms, more snow falls there, accumulating over time (because it is far too cold to melt in most places) and leading to a slowdown in the rate of global sea level rise. The Chronicle’s comment that a 16- to 20-foot rise in sea level could result from the melting of West Antarctica, while true, is simply something that is far beyond well-studied expectations.

Toss in a couple of throw-away lines about increasing ice loss across Greenland and expectations of stronger hurricanes (both of which have been greatly tempered in the recent literature, e.g. Nick et al., 2009; Vecchi et al., 2008) and you have the all the makings of a good scare story—rich in imagery but lean on substance


Nick, F. M., et al., 2009. Large-scale changes in Greenland outlet glacier dynamics triggered at the terminus. Nature Geoscience, DOI:10.1038, published on-line January 11, 2009.

Vecchi, G. A., et al., 2008. Whither Hurricane Activity? Science, 322, 687-689.


  1. Ed Reid  

    Thank you for not referring to the output of Dr. Hansen’s GISS as “data”. Even if it wasn’t being massaged until it is unrecognizable, it would still be “a table of Sundays and moveable feasts” rather than an immutable historical record. The following link is illustrative of the “shifting sands” of GISS (especially the “blink comparator”):


  2. Mike Lockhart  

    As a Houston resident, and forced to accept the Chronicle as my hometown newspaper, I concur that it is aboard the catastrophe express. There was an article a couple of weeks ago in the business section from a Tom Fowler re cap-‘n-trade vs a carbon tax. No mention of the disastous economic effect either of these would have, but also no mention of the fact that doing nothing (carbon dioxide is an important and beneficial trace gas) would be the best option. What a rag!


  3. Jack  

    Sounds like the same editorials that are published in San Jose. But, every day a few more people stop believing and after this winter and with so many people out of work, carbon is a smaller issue for people every day when they can’t afford heating bills or vacations or cell phones or sending their kids to college.


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