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Call for Comments: Proposed U.S. National Clean Energy Standard

The U.S. Senate Energy Committee has recently issued a white paper about a proposed Clean Energy Standard (CES). If enacted, the CES would profoundly affect the future of all energy matters in the U.S. The committee is having a short public comment period, which ends on Monday April 11th.

They are looking for inputs on six aspects of this proposed measure. Reading over the white paper (see Appendix below), I am encouraged that they are at least asking some good questions. As such I am hopeful that they get intelligent responses to balance out those that will inevitably come from rent-seekers.

Since I am advocating the Big Picture approach, my strategy is going to respond to the Executive Summary part only (and then elaborate a bit on an Additional document). To me the fundamental problem here is with methodology.

Below is the draft version of my proposed Executive Summary submission. For the latest version, plus several additional pages of elaboration, please see here. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know. In any case please submit your own ideas and comments. [Read more →]

April 7, 2011   1 Comment